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Product Page - OpticBook 3600

OpticBook 3600

Introducing a simple, innovative solution to scanning books...

Thanks to Plustek's patent pending SEE´┐Ż (Shadow Elimination Element) Technology, any book can lie completely flat on the scanning glass. The result is a perfectly scanned image with no annoying book spine shadow and no distorted lines of text.

Whereas professional book scanners are targeted mainly for large libraries, archive museums, and corporations with big budgets, OpticBook 3600 is an affordable solution for all libraries, copy rooms, students, teachers, universities, SOHO, law offices, publicists, and work groups.

Benefits of a Book Scanner

  • Clear page scans and copies
  • Easily scan a 250 page book in under one hour
  • Accurate OCR results
  • Simple PDF conversion, perfect looking PDFs
  • Simple page copying with a touch of a button
  • Avoid damaging book binding by pressing book flat
  • Avoid cutting books to scan them sheet by sheet
  • Scan text close to book spine

Benefits of scanning books

  • Digitize information for data exchange, retrieval, and storage
  • Digitize books/text to share with others
  • Create e-books
  • Aid academic study and distribution of study materials
  • Digitize collections of rare and precious books
  • Save storage space
  • Mobilize books to be read from notebook PC or PDA
  • Use TTS (text to speech) software to listen to books on CD, tape, or MP3
  • TTS for the hearing impaired

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